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    Speak English Fluently and Confidently for IELTS Speaking

    Boost your English vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation.

    Learning English speaking has never been so quick and easy!

    esl words ielts

    Become fluent answering IELTS questions for speaking

    Asalaamu Alaykum, I'm Miss Waffa!

     Welcome to ESL Words! I am a native English speaker living in Canada for over 30 years and have been offering English speaking courses to students who are preparing for the IELTS exam for the past 8 years. 

    I have a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Ottawa. I’m currently an English Professor at one of Canada’s top colleges. If you want to learn English speaking, it’s important that you follow a structure that caters to your english-speaking needs.

     That being said, I chose the English teaching profession because I remember the language barriers my parents faced when they arrived to Canada 36 years ago! They didn’t know a word and couldn’t speak English, but managed to make a living in a country that was so unfamiliar to them.

    Because of this, I decided to become an English language instructor to help other immigrants with similar English speaking challenges they may face trying to prepare for the IELTS exam.

    The IELTS speaking band 7 in 7 days course has helped hundreds of students become confident English speakers. If you are wondering how to learn English speaking at home and achieve a band 7, band 8 or band 9 in IELTS speaking, this course is for you! 

    esl words ielts speaking
    esl words ielts waffa

    Become a confident English Speaker in 7 days!

    You are preparing for IELTS, but you feel stuck at a band 5 or band 6 and want to become a confident English speaker.

    You dream of speaking English smoothly without hesitation. You want to become a strong speaker who learns lots of new words  without feeling nervous.

    If this sounds anything like you, I can teach you to speak confidently and clearly with no more trouble expressing your thoughts through my English speaking course.

    Once you become a confident English speaker, you will be able to score a band 7, band 8 or band 9 in IELTS Speaking

    I have helped over 2000+ students succeed in their IELTS speaking exam with my IELTS Speaking Course.

    The IELTS Speaking Band 7 in 7 Days Course will help you perfect your English speaking skills so you can score a band 7, band 8 or a band 9 on the test and live your dream life abroad.


    waffa esl words

    Your fastest way to speak fluent English, improve your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation

     Boost your English vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation quickly so you can speak English confidently within a few days!

    I know your goal is to score a band 7, band 8, or band 9 on your IELTS test and to become a confident English speaker so you can finally get the job of your dreams in an English speaking country.

    This seems impossible because you feel anxious and scared every time you speak English and don’t know how to improve your English speaking skills.

    The IELTS Speaking band 7 in 7 days course makes things possible because it will help you become more confident and speak better English.

    This course will help you learn better vocabulary, speak without hesitation, and pronounce words correctly.

    You will be able to speak English speak in English confidently and clearly, not only for the IELTS test but also in your everyday life.

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