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    Do You Like Reading Books? IELTS Speaking Questions

    Want to know 4 secrets to how you should answer questions like “do you like reading books?” IELTS related to a speaking topic you are not too familiar with? These strategies have helped thousands of my students answer questions on an IELTS speaking topic they didn’t have much knowledge in.


    IELTS Speaking Topic – Do you like reading books?

    On exam day, you may get an IELTS speaking topic you know nothing about and this can be a moment of feeling under pressure. Especially because the examiner is waiting to hear an answer from you and you are sitting there thinking of ideas to discuss the given IELTS speaking topic.

    Many students who are preparing for the IELTS speaking section, often ask me as their IELTS instructor what they should do when they have no idea about an IELTS speaking topic the examiner asked them. This can be a normal instance you can find yourself in as well, and while this moment can be intimidating, it is important that you stay confident and you discuss the unfamiliar IELTS speaking topic like you know everything about it!

    You are going to learn all about the steps you should take when you are not familiar with an IELTS speaking topic, these will cover IELTS speaking topics part 1, IELTS speaking part 2, and IELTS speaking part 3.

    This post is all about how to discuss questions like do you like reading books? IELTS speaking topics.

    Do you like reading books IELTS Speaking

    ielts speaking part 3

    1. What To Do When You Don’t Know Anything About The Given IELTS Speaking Topic

    On exam day, you may be asked questions on a different IELTS speaking topic you have no idea about. This can be an intimidating moment, especially because you want to make sure you get a high band in the IELTS speaking section in particular.

    When you are given an IELTS speaking topic you don’t know about, it’s extremely important that you still answer the questions on the given topic like you know everything about it! While this can be tricky, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can score a high band if you are in this situation.

    First, you will see example questions of unfamiliar IELTS speaking topics part 1.

    Challenging IELTS Speaking Topics For Part 1 You May Get

    The IELTS speaking topics part 1 section is the first part of the IELTS speaking section. Although the questions start off asking basic questions about yourself such as your name, your living conditions and your family size, the questions asked within the IELTS speaking topics part 1 can become tricky.

    Here is a list of confusing IELTS speaking topics part 1 you may get:

    • Music/Musical equipment
        • Which musical instrument do you enjoy listening to?

    Guitars are an instrument I really appreciate it when they are part of a song. Especially because I feel like I can relate to every note because I have been recently learning how to play the guitar.

        • Do you enjoy a variety of genres of music?

    I really love listening to genres such as hip hop, r& b, and dance music. Depending on my mood, I choose the different types of genres.

        • Do you currently play a musical instrument?

    I am currently enrolled in guitar lessons because I’ve always had an interest in learning how to play an instrument. My father was a professional guitarist but I never had an interest when I was younger, I am very excited about this journey of learning guitar.

    • Colors
        • What is a popular color most people wear in your country? 

    Red is a color of brightness and happiness. In India most individuals like wearing red because they feel it brings days of joy and happiness.

        • Is there a difference in the colors men and women wear in your country?

    Most men usually wear grey in Pakistan because they enjoy wearing their cultural clothes while the women wear blue. These are the most worn colors I have seen amongst both genders.

    • About art
        • What are some popular art pieces in your country?

    There are many artists in Kazakhistan, but the paintings of flowers are often the most popular. I find that every home usually hangs paintings of the flowers on their wall because it gives them a nice decor for the home.

        • Why do you think children should learn art in school?

    Art lessons are a great way for children to have an opportunity to become creative and learn about themselves. I think it is essential for every school to offer art as a subject to children in school.

        • Do you think art is beneficial for child development?

    Creativity is definitely not the only thing children learn through art, they also benefit from child development especially because they are constantly problem solving and thinking of ideas to draw.

    • Do you like reading books? IELTS

    To be honest, I really enjoy reading short articles more than books. Especially because I feel like I have a better attention span when reading shorter passages.

    Next, you will learn about the IELTS speaking part 2 and the different topics you may be given.

    3. Difficult Topics You May See In IELTS Speaking Part 2

    ielts speaking topics part 1

    In IELTS speaking part 2, the topics may get a bit more challenging. Especially because you will have to talk about it for two full minutes. However, if you have a hard time relating to a particular topic, it’s always good to start off by answering that “Although I don’t have too much experience in this topic, I personally feel that/ I think I would/ I feel that I would ….”

    Here are a few IELTS speaking part 2 topics you may get that are known to be challenging:

    • A decision you made in your life that was challenging
    • A sport you like playing
    • Describing your favorite means of transportation
    • A dream job you wish to have

    Now that you know these are some of the IELTS speaking topic you may get in IELTS speaking part 2, you should remember to start your sentence letting them know that although you are not familiar with the topic, you believe.

    4. IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topics You Should Know About

    The topics in IELTS speaking part 3 can often relate to the same topic that you were asked about in IELTS speaking part 2. However, this part is often more of a discussion between you and the examiner where you will have to answer one question at a time.

    The topics for IELTS speaking part 3 that you may find challenging are:

    • Questions related to motivation
    • Questions related to your goals/ your dreams
    • Your opinion on success and how you define it

    With these types of questions, it’s essential that you remember these relate to your opinion, so there really isn’t a wrong answer. You need to remember to just give clear and concise answers to ensure the examiner is aware of your knowledge of the given topic.

    Here are a few example questions you may see in the IELTS speaking part 3:

    IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions

    • How do you feel about globalization?

    The concept of globalization has allowed many countries to have access to different products from all around the world. This has resulted in the prices of goods being cheaper and more accessible.

    • Do you think the methods of shopping have changed over the years?

    Shopping for groceries or even other goods has never been so easier to access over the years. Whether an individual prefers to shop online or in person, he has access to ordering these stuff all to his front door. The only thing I find that has changed over the years in regards to shopping is that online shopping has been very accessible.

    • What are the eating habits of the people in your country?

    I find that the younger generation is more careful with their food choices because they are afraid of the weight they can gain, so they often count their calories. However, I find that the older crowd likes cultural food that is quite greasy, which leads to many of them getting high cholesterol.

    • Do you think education has changed from the past?

    I find that education has changed tremendously from the past. especially when it comes to the use of technology. Many students have a Chromebook for school from the first grade, which I am against. Especially because children need more face-to-face interaction than being hidden behind the screen.

    • What are some of the table manners in your country at the dinner table?

    Our food is usually served a buffet-style, where everyone helps themselves to what they want to it. However, women and children are usually the first ones to be getting their food before the men. The reason why is because women often want their children to be fed first so it makes it easier for them. After dinner, dessert is often served with some fruit which makes it a full meal.

    • Do you think the shopping habits of people have changed from the past?

    Yes, I feel like people buy more things than ever before. The reason for this is that stores often advertise their merchandise making it tempting for many individuals to buy what is being shown. However, I would say there are also people who do not prefer to spend their money or have bad shopping habits, I feel that there is a group of both types of people so it really depends.

    This post was all about questions like “do you like reading books?” in IELTS speaking


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