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    Do You Like Science? IELTS Speaking Questions Related To Science

    IELTS examiners have been asking questions like “do you like science?” IELTS speaking questions during their exam. Students who recently took the IELTS exam have been asked tricky questions about science. In this article, you will learn about science-related questions that have been reported by students who recently took the exam. Therefore, you may be asked in IELTS part 1 and part 2 of the speaking section.

    do you like science ielts


    As an IELTS coach, many students have told me they feel overwhelmed when they are asked questions related to science in the IELTS speaking section. Being able to speak with confidence is so important when the examiner is asking you questions.

    The reason why I wrote this article is that you can see sample science speaking part 1 questions you may be asked on exam day. You are going to learn about the IELTS speaking part 1 section, the IELTS speaking time duration, science speaking part 1 questions and IELTS speaking part 1 2022 answers. In addition to this, you are going to learn tips for IELTS speaking part 1 section.

    Do You Like Science? IELTS Speaking

    This post is all about do you like science? IELTS part 1 speaking questions.

    do you like science ielts

    About The IELTS Speaking Part 1 Section

    There are 3 different parts in the IELTS speaking exam. The IELTS speaking part 1 is designed to assess your ability to communicate effectively in English. You can consider the IELTS speaking part 1 as an interview, IELTS speaking part 2 as a presentation, and IELTS speaking part 3 as a discussion.

    In the IELTS speaking part 1 section, you may be asked questions about yourself, your living situation, what your hobbies are or questions like if you like science or not.

    It’s important that in the IELTS speaking part 1 section, you speak in full sentences and answer the question the examiner is looking for. Try not to get off topic and keep your answers to 2-3 sentences maximum.

    What Is The Exact IELTS Speaking Time Duration?

    do you like science ielts part 1

    The IELTS speaking time duration lasts for about 12 minutes. However, the entire IELTS Speaking test is divided into 3 sections.

    Section One: Introduction and Interview (4-5 minutes)

    In this section, the examiner will ask the test taker questions about themselves, their homes, their jobs, their studies and other familiar topics.

    Section Two: Cue Card or Topic Card (3-4 minutes)

    In this section, the test taker will be given a card that asks them to speak about a particular topic. They will have 1 minute to prepare before they have to start speaking.

    Section Three: General Discussion (4-5 minutes)

    In this section, the examiner will ask further questions which are based on the topics covered in Sections One and Two. These questions give the test taker an opportunity to discuss more abstract issues and ideas.


    Science Speaking Part 1 Questions

    The science speaking part 1 questions you may be asked can vary. The examiner may ask you a generic question about science or even questions about your experience with science class.

    While you are answering your science part 1 questions, it’s essential that you use vocabulary words that relate to the topic of discussion. In other words, using words such as the subject or words within the given context will help you score a high band.

    Have a look at some IELTS speaking part 1 2022 answers and questions that have been reported to us from students who recently took the IELTS exam.

    If you want to learn about other IELTS speaking part 1 topics you may see, make sure you have a read at the article titled IELTS Speaking Topic With Answers For A Band 8.

    If you are looking for information on the part 2 and part 3, then watch this video below:

    IELTS Speaking Part 1 2022 Answers And 10 Questions For The Topic Of Science

    do you like science why

    Here are some of the latest science questions in IELTS speaking part 1 2022 answers included!

    1. Do you like science?
    Well to be honest I took some science classes in school that were quite interesting I learned about the planets and the different parts of the human body which was so fascinating
    2. What science courses did you take at high school?
    Some science courses I took in high school were biology physiology and astronomy but my favorite science course was probably biology.
    3. Do you think the education system should offer science classes in school?
    Yes I think it’s very important that science classes are offered in school because I think
    students tend to learn so much from all the different science subjects
    4. What is the most interesting thing you learned in science class?
    **If you don’t remember the facts that you learned in your science class you could say you could make up a generic answer like this**
    To be honest, the most interesting thing I learned in science class is how many cells are in the human body.
    ** so I don’t remember how much the quantity the number of cells that are in the
    human body so I just gave a generic answer and you should be doing this too**
    5. Did you think science classes were difficult or easy?
    Well to be honest, when I was younger I had a bit of a challenging time understanding some science-related facts but As I grew older I looked into it more and from further research, I now I understand what these facts were about.


    6. What do you think of when you hear the word “science?”

    Science is a branch of knowledge that deals with the physical and natural world. It covers a wide range of topics, from the inner workings of the human body to the origins of the universe.

    7. Why do you think science is important?

    Science is important because it helps us to understand the world around us. It also allows us to find solutions to problems and make new discoveries.

    8. What are some of your favorite science-related topics?

    Some of my favorite science-related topics include astronomy, biology, and chemistry. I also enjoy learning about new technologies and developments in the field of science.

    9. Do you think science is easy or difficult?

    I think science can be both easy and difficult, depending on the topic. Some concepts are very simple to understand, while others can be quite complex. Overall, I find science to be a fascinating and rewarding subject.

    10. What do you think would be the most difficult thing about being a scientist?

    The most difficult thing about being a scientist, I think, would be the constant need to learn new things. Scientists have to keep up with the latest discoveries and developments in their field, which can be a challenge. Additionally, they must be able to communicate their findings to others in a clear and concise manner.

    Here is a video of other IELTS speaking topics you may see in the part 1 section.

    Top 7 Tips For IELTS Speaking Part 1

    do you like science ielts

    Now that you have seen some IELTS speaking part 1 2022 answers, here are the top 7 tips for IELTS speaking part 1:

    1. Make sure you understand the question

    Be sure to take a few seconds to read and comprehend the question before jumping into your answer. This will help you stay focused and on track throughout your response.

    2. Keep your answers concise

    When it comes to IELTS speaking part 1, shorter responses are usually better. Try to aim for 2-3 sentences maximum for each answer. This is because the examiner is looking to see if you can communicate effectively and without too much difficulty. So, try to avoid rambling on or going off on tangents.

    3. Speak at a natural pace

    One of the things the examiner will be assessing during IELTS speaking part 1 is your ability to communicate fluently. This means that you should aim to speak at a natural pace, without rushing or pausing too much.

    4. Use simple language

    While it’s important to use a range of vocabulary and structures in IELTS speaking, part 1 is not the time to showcase your linguistic abilities. Instead, focus on using simple language that you feel comfortable with.

    5. Be prepared to talk about your hobbies and interests

    A common topic in IELTS speaking part 1 is hobbies and interests. So, it’s a good idea to have a few things prepared in advance that you can talk about if this topic comes up.

    Think about what you like to do in your free time and why you enjoy it.

    6. Practice with a friend or family member

    One of the best ways to prepare for IELTS speaking part 1 is to practice with a friend or family member. This will help you get used to talking about the topics that are typically covered in this section, as well as help you to feel more comfortable with the exam format.

    7. Relax and stay positive

    It’s normal to feel a bit nervous before taking IELTS speaking part 1, but it’s important to try and relax. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you are well prepared. Just focus on doing your best and speaking clearly and confidently.

    Now that you’ve read about the science-related questions you may see in the speaking section, how would you answer the question “do you like science?”


    This post was all about science-related IELTS speaking questions.

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