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    How Can I Prepare For IELTS At Home Without Coaching?

    Want to know how you can prepare for IELTS at home without coaching? These preparation tips have helped thousands of students score their desired band on their exam!

     How can I prepare for IELTS at home without coaching

    How can I prepare for IELTS at home without coaching?

    It is possible to prepare for IELTS at home, but it is important to have a clear plan and be organized. There are a number of resources available online and in libraries that can help you study, including practice tests, grammar guides, and vocabulary lists. It is also helpful to find a tutor or practice with other students who are preparing for the test. The most important thing is to be consistent in your studies and to focus on your weaknesses.

    Trying to stay focused while studying for the IELTS exam at home can be challenging. There are so many different parts of the exam to learn and practice, that it can become overwhelming. These IELTS motivation tips will hold you accountable to ensure you are able to successfully complete every study session without feeling bored.

    Being an IELTS coach myself, I’ve seen so many students in the past feel burnout when they are preparing for the exam. Which is the reason why I decided to put together these 5 IELTS motivation tips.

    You are going to learn about how to find the motivation to study at home for your IELTS exam, how to find motivation when depressed and the importance of having intrinsic motivation. Furthermore, you will learn what extrinsic motivation is, examples of intrinsic motivation and examples of extrinsic motivation, the importance of having a vision board for exam motivation quotes and where you can find exam quotes for students like you to keep you extra motivated.

    This post is all about how you can prepare for the IELTS exam at home without coaching.

    How Can I Prepare For IELTS At Home Without Coaching?

    ielts motivational quotes

    How To Find Motivation To Study For The IELTS Exam

    How can I prepare for the IELTS exam at home without coaching and stay motivated?

    Trying to gather your thoughts on how to find motivation to study for the IELTS exam can be tough. Especially if you are trying to study for the exam without being enrolled in a preparation course where you have a teacher to guide you through daily that constantly encourages you.

    Tip 1: Always Follow A Study Routine And Stick To It!

    When you want to continuously be motivated, be sure to follow a daily study routine, this will help you stay on track. Additionally, following a routine is a great way to establish good study habits.

    When you find a routine that works for you, this will help you stay on track and stay committed to your ideal plan of trying to achieve a high band.

    If you are not sure what type of routine to set up, check out the article titled 30 days IELTS Study Plan 

    Below are some tips on how to stay motivated when depressed.

    How To Find Motivation When You Feel Depressed During IELTS Exam Preparation

    motivation ielts speaking

    As humans, it’s only normal to have good days and bad days. Especially when you are trying to prepare for the IELTS exam. A lot of my students failed the exam on multiple attempts and always look for ways on how to find motivation when depressed.

    Tip 2: Change Your Study Environment Often

    On days when you are feeling depressed or simply need a change of study environment, try to change your study environment. If you are able to go to a coffee shop or a local library to study, this is a great way for your mood to change.

    If the weather is nice, take a blanket to sit on with a bunch of snacks to a local park with a scenic view while enjoying your study session. Besides, there’s nothing more refreshing than fresh air!

    While doing this, you will see other people studying and working which usually causes a domino effect in increasing your IELTS motivation. Take a look at how having intrinsic motivation can help you achieve a high band in your IELTS exam.

    What Is Intrinsic Motivation?

    In a classroom, there are usually two types of students, some who have intrinsic motivation and some who have extrinsic motivation. Depending on the interest of the student, he or she naturally falls into one of the two types of motivation and how much they feel encouraged in wanting to learn.

    First, let’s look at students who have intrinsic motivation. These individuals are often described as having the self-drive to do something or just feeling satisfied while doing it. In other words, feeling motivated inside without feeling any burden or boredom is a great way to describe someone with intrinsic motivation.

    How can I prepare for the IELTS exam at home without coaching and stay motivated?

    Although individuals who have intrinsic motivation are those who don’t care about receiving a reward, exam grade, or degree, I am trying to show you that you can change that by finding that internal motivation within you without thinking about the grade and feeling overwhelmed.

    While you may think it’s impossible to find internal IELTS motivation within you, you’d be surprised at there are many ways you can stay encouraged to prepare for your exam.

    Oftentimes, people who have intrinsic motivation are the ones who enjoy every process which results in them achieving high grades without even trying hard, simply because they love what they are learning. Let’s have a look at some examples of intrinsic motivation and how you can build internal IELTS motivation.

    Examples of Intrinsic Motivation When Preparing For The IELTS Exam

    encouragement ielts speaking 3

    As mentioned, you’d be surprised at learning that you can find internal enjoyment when preparing for the IELTS exam. Below are some examples of intrinsic motivation you can find that will help you stay encouraged throughout your study sessions.

    Tip 3: You don’t need to specifically practice for the exam by doing IELTS mock tests

    Listening to podcasts, and reading books or articles on any topic you are personally interested in are all examples of intrinsic motivation. You will be enjoying the process of learning new vocabulary, learning how sentences are structured and how to talk like a native speaker without even noticing because you’re actually enjoying the process and not dreading it! When studying for the exam using this type of material, it’s important to remember the benefits you are able to get from broadening your horizons.

    For a list of recommended podcasts and games that will help you build on your vocabulary and English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills without even feeling like you’re studying, check out the article titled IELTS Reading Vocabulary: 3 Easy Methods To Improve Your Score.

    Now that you have learned about how to find your intrinsic motivation, let’s have a look at what extrinsic motivation means. While you are reading the difference between the two, it’s important that you try to lean more toward the characteristics of intrinsic motivation, especially because this is what will always help you stay interested in what you are trying to learn.

    Who Are Students With Extrinsic Motivation?

    ielts hashtags

    Students with extrinsic motivation are often those individuals who are working toward some sort of award or benefit. It is usually a temporary encouragement of working toward a final result then once you get the final result, you no longer have that same motivation to learn about it.

    Examples Of Extrinsic Motivation

    Some examples of extrinsic motivation include completing a task to receive an award such as an exam, end-of-course final project, etc. While these awards may be a reasonable excuse to stay motivated, many students have a hard time feeling encouraged to continuously have to study for the IELTS exam.

    However, if you have intrinsic motivation, you will always be wanting to learn more because you enjoy every moment of it. This is why I hope you are able to find the proper IELTS motivation when preparing for your exam.

    Vision Board Of Exam Motivation Quotes And Hang It Up By Your Computer

    Tip 4. Make a vision board of exam motivation quotes 

    Having a vision board of exam motivation quotes is a great way to remind yourself of the end result and where you want to be. Looking at these quotes will hold you accountable on the days you don’t feel like studying and just want to give up.

    Try to find exam motivation quotes that lift you up and remind you that you are capable of achieving the impossible.

    Where To Find Exam Quotes For Students

    A great place to find exam quotes for students like you to help increase IELTS motivation is to go on where you will be able to find thousands of exam quotes.

    Tip 5: Change The Wallpaper Of Your Phone For IELTS motivation

    Lastly, finding a few exam quotes on Pinterest that will help push you to your limits every time you look at your phone is a great encouragement for you to never give up.

    From personal experience, the last two tips have always helped me stay accountable for my goals and I always was able to reach them because of the little reminders I had for myself.

    For example, when I wanted to finish my master’s degree and teachers’ college diploma with two kids, I thought I would never be able to accomplish such a goal. But through perseverance and quotes I would put on my wallpaper, I was always reminded that I can reach my goals.

    Overall, don’t try to downplay the power of the exam quotes for students such as yourself who are looking to prepare for the exam, because every reminder is one step closer to success.

    To sum up, having a mindset with intrinsic motivation is a great way to help you achieve your IELTS exam with your desired band. Through hard work and persistence, everything is possible.

    This post was all about how you can prepare for IELTS at home without coaching.


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