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    How Often Do You Go Out With Friends? IELTS Speaking Questions

    How Often Do You Go Out With Friends? IELTS Speaking Questions
    The examiner may ask you questions about your family or friends during the IELTS speaking exam. In this blog, you will be given some tips on how exactly you should answer your questions, as well as sample answers.
    how often do you go out with friends ielts
    One thing you should not try is to memorize the different IELTS speaking topics with answers you may see online because you don’t want the examiner to suspect this.
    All the different strategies that are found online on sample IELTS speaking topics with answers, can get so confusing.  Especially if you are just looking for the simplest strategies.
    As an experienced IELTS coach myself, I’ve noticed that many students often find it challenging to respond to unfamiliar IELTS speaking topic
    You are going to learn about the IELTS speaking work-related questions, IELTS speaking art questions, questions related to the family topic for speaking and some latest IELTS speaking topics.
    This post is all about questions you may be asked such as “how often do you go out with friends in IELTS speaking.

    How often do you go out with friends? IELTS Speaking

    IELTS Speaking Topics With Answers

    These questions have all been reported to be the IELTS speaking topics with answers. If you are able to format your question like this, you are guaranteed to scoring a high band.

    There are many different IELTS speaking work-related questions you may see. Have a look at the most essential ones you should know about.

    IELTS Speaking Work Related Questions

    The IELTS speaking work related questions may only be asked to you if you tell the examiner you are currently employed. This IELTS speaking topic with answers should be considered if you plan to tell the examiner you have a job.
    What is your job?
    Well to be honest, currently I’m working at the mall at a shoe store because I am currently a student. Iam studying to be a software developer and I’m hoping to finish within the next two years.
    do you have to work with other coworkers in your job? 
    Yes, since I work in the mall, I do have co-workers whom I have to work with but I also provide face-to-face service to a lot of customers.
    Do you think you will change to a different job in the future?
    As I mentioned, I’m currently in school to become a software developer so I am hoping to change jobs into my passion once I complete my education.

    Now, have a look at the IELTS speaking daily routine questions you may have to answer on exam day.

    IELTS Speaking Daily Routine Questions

    The IELTS speaking daily routine questions you may see  may vary, but these are some important ones you should consider seeing.
    Can you explain your daily routine to me?
    My daily routine includes dropping the kids off in the morning coming back home and starting work at 9:00 am.
    What time do you usually wake up?
    I usually wake up at 7 00 a.m and I have to drop my kids off at 8 am, by the time I
    reach home it’s about 8 30 in the morning.
    Do you think it’s important for people to have a daily routine?
    Yes, honestly I think having a daily routine really helps people organize their time throughout the day and they are able to know what tasks they need to complete.
    Before you see some more sample questions, take a look at my YouTube channel for the most up to date information on the IELTS exam:
    Now take a look at some questions related to the IELTS speaking topic study with answers.

    IELTS Speaking Topic Study With Answers


    Check out  the IELTS speaking topic study with answers to get an idea of how you can respond to these types of questions.

    What are you currently studying?
    I’m currently pursuing a bachelor of education from the University of Alabama
    and I hope to complete my education within the next year.
    What profession will you go into after you complete your studies?
    I’m hoping to become a primary teacher after I complete my education so that would be
    teaching grades one to grades five.
    What is your favorite subject in school?
    My favorite subject that I’m currently taking is children’s psychology, I love this course because it actually teaches me how children think and what exactly are their thought processes.
    Here are some questions you may see for the IELTS speaking art questions you may see.

    IELTS Speaking Art Questions

    There are so many questions you may see related to the IELTS speaking art, with answers you can see as sample answers.

    Do you think it’s necessary for children to have art classes in school?
    I think offering children’s art classes a great way for them to learn about their creativity and also explore new colors and new ideas which may help them learn a lot about themselves in the future.
    What kind of art pieces do you like?
    Truthfully, I love any type of art that has to do with the ocean or it’s showing some sort
    of photo that relates to the outdoors just because I really get into the zone and
    I think it’s just so beautiful.
    What type of things do you like to draw?
    To be honest, I’m not a good artist, the only thing I can draw is probably a car.
    Here are some questions you may see related to the family topic for speaking.

    Family Topic For Speaking

    Have a look at questions related to the family topic for speaking parts 1 or two you may be asked:

    Can you tell me how many are in your immediate family?
    I come from a family of being the youngest while my sister is the oldest, so I have two brothers and two sisters.
    Who are you the closest to in your family?
    I would say I’m the closest to my sisters especially the one who is one year older than me.
    Why do you think it’s important for family members to spend time together?
    Truthfully, I think this is very important because it teaches you about your family members and spending time with them is so sacred because life is too short.
    Have a look at the latest IELTS speaking topics that have been reported to us from students who took the IELTS exam.

    How Often Do You Go Out With Friends? IELTS

    I usually hangout with my friends 2-3 times a week. We usually either go out for meet for lunch during our working hours or we meet for dinner. I really enjoy their company, because I live alone and often look for company to share information with.

    Latest IELTS Speaking Topics

    These latest IELTS speaking topics have been shared:

    Describe a family member you are very close with, you should say:

    Why you are close to this family member?

    How often you see each other

    What is one positive trait about this member?


    Describe a time you saw an art piece that was eye-catching, you should say:

    What the art piece included

    Where you saw it

    What you learned about it

    Why was it eye-catching?

    Describe the major you are studying, you should say:

    What types of classes do you have to take?

    Are your classes online or in person?

    This post was all about questions like “how often do you go out with friends?” in IELTS speaking.

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