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    3 Simple Ways To Access IELTS Reading PDF E-Books For Free

    This post is all about the best FREE IELTS reading pdf e-books that will help you prepare for the IELTS reading section. The best thing about these IELTS reading pdf books is that you will be able to complete practice tests that will help you achieve a high band.


    IELTS Reading PDF Version Books

    There is so much information online when looking for IELTS materials, that it’s difficult to find the most authentic material to study from. As an IELTS coach for the past 7 years myself, I have come across many IELTS reading pdf e-books that I want to share with you. These books all include practice tests which are great to use.

    You are going to learn about how you can complete the IELTS reading practice test, the IELTS reading general exam, the IELTS reading academic exam, and tips on how to get a high IELTS reading score.

    This post is all about the books I recommend for the IELTS reading section, and are offered in a PDF format. 

    ielts reading pdf 2022

    E-Books For IELTS Reading Section In PDF Format


    Where You Can Complete IELTS Reading Practice Tests Online

    There are so many different IELTS reading practice test materials online, but you can get confused about which ones are the most recent and relevant tests.

    I’ve compiled a list of very efficient IELTS reading pdf books for you to be able to complete IELTS reading practice test materials that are relevant.

    1. My first suggestion is that you sign up for an account on where you are given a free 1-month free subscription. This website has tons of authentic IELTS reading pdf books that all offer IELTS reading practice test materials.

    That being said, you will not be charged anything for an entire month and you will be able to download all the IELTS reading pdf books within that time frame. Remember that you are NOT obligated to pay anything and will be able to access all e-books for a full 30 days FOR FREE!

    Just remember to cancel your membership so you don’t get charged for the second month. You can do this in advance, even before your 30-day free trial session is over.

    The best thing about is that you are even able to download the IELTS reading pdf books right to your computer and view them at a later time.

    2. If you don’t have access to a credit card or don’t feel like using to access IELTS reading pdf books, then I suggest visiting your local library or at least calling them to ask them about accessing e-books online with your library card.

    Additionally, if you have a local library card, you will be surprised that many libraries offer online library services such as having access to thousands of e-books online.

    These online library resources will provide you with many IELTS reading pdf books that will help you prepare for the IELTS exam. Furthermore, these authentic materials have all been written by individuals who specialize in the IELTS exam.

    Now that you have a list of free resources on where to find IELTS reading pdf books, below I will explain tips on how you can increase your IELTS reading score in detail.

    ielts academic reading test papers with answers pdf 2022

    IELTS Reading Score

    Your IELTS reading score is calculated with 1 right score for one right mark. Then, you will be given a band score for this section, which can be a maximum of a nine-band. Depending on your requirements, you want to ensure that you achieve an IELTS reading score that ranges anywhere from a band 7 to a band 9.

    Now, let’s break down how much time you will have in the IELTS reading section.

    How much time do you have for IELTS Reading?

    ielts reading practice test

    In case you are wondering how much time you have for IELTS reading, you will be required to read 3 different passages and answer 40 questions in 1 hour which is definitely enough time to complete this entire exercise in. Therefore, it is important that you know how to manage your time. Below, I provide you with some time management tips on how you can quickly find answers.

    Also, depending on the IELTS exam you are taking, you should know the question types of the IELTS reading general section you may get.

    IELTS Reading General Section – What To Expect

    You will need to read 3 different passages and answer 40 questions that relate to those passages within an hour in the IELTS reading general section. Additionally, knowing that you don’t have enough time to read 3 passages in an hour and answer 40 questions, you need to come up with ways how to manage your 1 hour wisely.

    I highly recommend that you DO NOT read the 3 passages word for word in the IELTS reading general section because you don’t have time for that. Rather, you should first read the questions for potential keywords that you can quickly skim for in the passage.

    Once you locate those words, you need to look at the word that comes before it or after it and think about synonym language!

    If you need more guidance on how the passages would look for the general section, I highly recommend that you take a look at the IELTS reading pdf books to see the different passage types they use for this section.

    Question Types

    makkar ielts reading pdf

    There are many different question styles you can be given in the IELTS reading general section. These are important to note because it is essential you understand what type of answer is expected of you for each type.

    Moreover, another important aspect of understanding these question types is that you need to pay attention to the instructions in the questions. For example, if the question is asking for you to WRITE NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS in the answer, you need to make sure you take that into consideration when writing your answer.

    Some question types you may get for the IELTS reading general section may range from:

    • True/False/Not Given
    • Information matching
    • Multiple Choice
    • Match the headings
    • Complete the summary
    • Complete the sentence
    • Choose the best title
    • Complete the table

    Remember to look through the IELTS reading pdf books I mentioned above to get an idea of how each of these question types looks and what will be expected of you.

    What To Expect From The IELTS Reading Academic

    The IELTS reading academic section and the IELTS reading general offer the same question types, except that the IELTS reading academic section will have more materials that relate to the academic environment since this test is often taken by those who hope to enter an English-speaking university.

    Also, some ways you can prepare for seeing academic material is to look over some latest journals, articles, and textbooks while paying attention to vocabulary words that are unknown.

    When preparing for the IELTS reading academic section by reading books or journals, if you see an unknown word it’s important that you look it up in the dictionary because this will help you add words to your vocabulary bank.

    Again, don’t forget to look at the IELTS reading pdf books that I recommended that you can find on Scribd to get an idea of the different types of material you may see in the IELTS reading academic section.

    If you aren’t interested in downloading books, then I have listed some more ways you can get IELTS reading practice:

    Tips On How To Get More IELTS Reading Practice

    15 days' practice for ielts reading (pdf)

    When looking to practice for the IELTS reading section, you may think you just need to constantly complete different mock tests. However, that’s not the case – because there are so many different ways you can practice for IELTS reading.

    Although I mentioned visiting your local library or downloading a Scribd account as an option, having a friend you can practice speaking English to is a great way to improve.

    Some methods you can use is asking your friend to tell you a story and then asking questions related to the story they just explained.

    Using these different methods are great ways for you to stay motivated and engaged.

    Next, another great way is to have your friend write you a story and then ask you questions related to the story using different question types that were listed above. These are all great ways you will be able to enhance your reading score.

    How can I improve IELTS Reading score?

    When looking for ways to improve IELTS reading score, you need to remember that something that worked for someone else may not work for you. Having said that, you need to ensure that you have a schedule that you follow such as you taking the time out of your day to read daily for 20 minutes. While you may think this will be useless, having a plan in place will help you see results in you becoming a better reader while being able to pay attention to keywords and unknown vocabulary words.

    In addition to this, you should remember that it is the small changes that you complete daily that will help you see the results you hope for in your IELTS reading score.

    This post was all about the IELTS reading PDF E-books I recommend.



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