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    The IELTS Reading Practice Test PDF Sample That Will Help You Pass Your Exam!

    Want to see a detailed IELTS reading practice test PDF sample that will help you score a high band in the reading section? This detailed guide has helped thousands of students achieve their desired band. 

    IELTS Reading Practice Test PDF

    The IELTS reading practice test PDF sample you are going to see in this article will give you a detailed guide on how to quickly find the answers during your passages and how to spot certain keywords that will guide you to the correct answer.

    From the experience of being an IELTS coach, many students are always looking for different IELTS reading material where they are able to learn the best strategies that will help them score a high band. Because of this, the IELTS reading practice test PDF sample you will see will provide you with details for this section in particular.

    You are going to see an IELTS reading practice test, and learn how to increase your IELTS reading score by knowing about the top IELTS reading tips. Furthermore, you will be able to use the methods in this post both for IELTS reading academic and IELTS reading general, because the question types are usually the same on both exams. However, the passages in the IELTS academic exam will be more relatable to academia.

    This post is all about the IELTS reading practice test PDF sample that will score you a high band.

    IELTS general training reading practice test pdf with answers







    How To Increase Your IELTS Reading Score

    The internet offers so much information, that it can be daunting to look for ways to increase your IELTS reading score. I’ve made your life easier by providing you with a list of ways you can increase your IELTS reading score.

    • One important way to increase your IELTS reading score is to learn about the different question types you may see on the exam.

    If you want to learn about the different question types, check out this video where I explain each one in detail:

    • After learning about the different question types, you should learn about which question types go in order and which ones don’t. This will help you save a ton of time when looking for the answer, which will result in a higher IELTS reading score.
    • Another important aspect to note is that you should have a routine and a study plan when preparing for your IELTS exam. This will help keep you accountable for what you need to make sure you learn before exam day.

    Next, you will learn about a step-by-step guide on the IELTS reading tips you should consider when you receive your exam paper.

     IELTS Reading Tips In 5 Steps

    In past written articles, you might have seen IELTS reading tips that are general about this section. However, below is a list of a 5 step guide on IELTS reading tips you should consider following the second you get your passage.

    This 5 step rule will help you locate answers as fast as you can.

    Step 1: Once you get your passage, you should turn your page straight to the questions.

    Step 2: While looking at the questions, you should highlight any potential keywords you may be able to locate in the passage.

    Step 3: Quickly scan the passage, to see if you can locate any of the keywords you highlighted. Keep synonym language in mind, as it is unlikely that you will find the exact keyword.

    Remember, you do not need to read the entire passage word for word, rather just skim and scan the text for the keywords.

    Step 4: The fourth of five IELTS reading tips is that once you scan the passage and highlight keywords, look at the words that come before or after the highlighted word because that is where you will find the answer.

    Step 5: Once you think you found the answer, keep skimming the text throughout the entire passage because the first answer you may have found could have been wrong.

    After step 5, you should write your answer on the answer sheet, and keep in mind the maximum number of words it says the answer should be. Usually, on the answer sheet, it says “NO MORE THAN 2 WORDS” which literally means that you should not be writing one word or three words. You must write 2 words in total.

    Next, have a look at how you can practice for the IELTS reading general exam.

    How To Practice For The IELTS Reading General Exam

    Preparing for the IELTS reading general exam can be overwhelming. Especially because there is so much to know and learn about. You may not know where to start or how to even prepare to study for the IELTS reading general exam. Here is a guide for you to prepare yourself.

    Here is a 1 monthly IELTS study plan you should follow when preparing for your exam. This one-month study plan covers a day-to-day breakdown of what you should study and the best part of it is that it will only require 90 minutes of your time daily! The study plan for the IELTS reading general exam can be found HERE.

    If you decide to follow this IELTS study plan, it’s extremely important that you set yourself a routine as mentioned earlier. This will help get you to the goal you are trying to achieve with better results. Remember, the secret to success is through slow transition and following a routine with consistency. Therefore, don’t get sidetracked, but stay focused.

    If you prefer to watch a video on the one-month IELTS study plan, this can be found below:

    Where You Can Complete An IELTS Reading Practice Test

    There are many different websites where you can complete an IELTS reading practice test, but I recommend that you find authentic sources when completing a practice test. Especially because you want to make sure you become familiar with the exact format of the IELTS reading exam.

    If you want to complete multiple IELTS reading practice tests, take a look at the sample test questions that has been listed by IELTS, themselves:

    When you visit this website, you will be able to see the different sections of the IELTS exam, and you will be able to choose an IELTS reading practice test depending on if you are taking the general or academic test.

    Overview Of An IELTS General Reading Practice Test

    Here is an overview of an IELTS general reading practice test where I have broken down the steps you should take when you are given your actual passage. This IELTS reading practice test PDF was taken from the IELTS website.

    Step 1: Without taking any time to look at the passage, go straight to the questions.


    ielts general reading practice test pdf

    Step 2:While looking at this IELTS reading practice PDF version, take a look at the keywords that were highlighted, which will help you locate the answers.

    Step 3: Once you had a chance to highlight the potential keywords, then you should start skimming and scanning the text for those keywords.

    IELTS reading practice test with answers

    The highlighted pink words are the answer to each question.

    Step 4: Looking at this passage, the highlighted text that is in green represents the words that can lead to the potential answer. These words would be found while skimming and scanning the passage.

    Question Answer Explanation
    33 Transmitted Question 33 can be found in paragraph B, the words that come before the actual answer, “all the pages” is a synonym for  “the final version” that is mentioned in the questions.
    34 photographic/ negatives In paragraph B, the main keyword in the question was “converted to” and in the passage, the word “the pages are then processed” is a synonym word for converted to.
    35 printing plates
    36 programmed In paragraph D, it says that the “Information is punched into the computer” which represents what the answer would be. “Programmed.”
    37 damaged paper/ wrapping The last few lines in paragraph D discuss “rough handling”, then talk about “damaged paper” being removed from the wheel.
    38 weighed The last sentence in paragraph D discusses what happens to the reel.
    39 paster robots After the reel is weighed in paragraph D, paragraph E discusses what happens to it afterward. “moves in”
    40 storage area Paragraph E discusses what happens to the reel and where it’s “taken”

    Step 5: Skim and scan the entire text in case of any answers that you could have missed.

    IELTS Reading General Suggestions Before Exam Day

    When preparing for the IELTS reading general exam, a few other things you should keep in mind is to:

    • Always remember synonym language when looking for answers
    • Try to perfect the skimming and scanning technique, so you can improve your speed when you are trying to skim and scan the text on test day.
    • Become familiar with the different types of passages you may see in the IELTS reading general section
    • Time yourself when completing different mock tests. This will simulate an actual test experience.
    • Make an effort to look up different vocabulary words when you are preparing for the exam.
    • If you don’t know the answer, don’t leave it blank. Take a guess! You have nothing to lose.

    This post was all about the IELTS Reading Practice Test PDF Sample that provided you with details on how to score a high band.



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