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    7 IELTS Reading Practice Resources To Help You Prepare For IELTS Reading

    Want to know the best 7 resources for IELTS reading practice? These materials are being used by thousands of students, which have helped them achieve a high band in the IELTS exam.

    ielts reading practice

    IELTS Reading Practice

    Looking for different materials for IELTS reading practice online can get overwhelming, there are so many different resources out there but how will you know which is better than the other?! As an experienced IELTS coach myself, I want to make your life easier, so I decided to do the research for you and find you the best materials you can use for IELTS reading practice.

    You are going to learn all about the best material for IELTS reading practice online, advice on how you can increase your IELTS reading score, the top IELTS reading tips and you will be able to complete a mock exam for the IELTS reading general and IELTS academic reading practice test.

    This post is all about the best materials to use for IELTS reading practice.

    IELTS Reading Practice

    IELTS reading practice pdf

    1. Preparing For The IELTS Reading Section

    Although completing IELTS reading practice tests are important, you should understand the basics of the IELTS reading section. In other words, the first step in achieving a high band in your IELTS reading exam preparation is to ensure that you understand how many reading passages you will be required to read and how many questions you will need to answer.

    If you are looking for more information on the IELTS reading section and the different question types, then check out the article titled IELTS Reading- Ultimate Guide to 8 Band Score.

    After becoming familiar with the basics of the IELTS reading section, you should know the difference between the IELTS reading general and the academic exam.

    2. The Difference Between The IELTS Reading General And Academic Exam

    There is a minor difference between the IELTS reading general exam and the academic test. Whether you are taking either exam, you will see the same IELTS reading question types for both. However, the vocabulary in the IELTS reading academic exam might be a bit more challenging than the IELTS reading general exam.

    Regardless of what test you are taking, these strategies can be taken into consideration for both exams. On top of knowing the difference between the IELTS reading general and academic exam, you should be familiar with how your IELTS reading score is graded.

    3. Understand How The IELTS Reading Score Is Calculated

    ielts reading practice general

    The maximum IELTS reading score you can achieve is a 9 band. You will be required to answer 40 questions within three different passages in an hour. Each correct answer will be scored by one mark then you will be given an overall mark at the end.

    Furthermore, the average of all four scores for each section (IELTS reading score, writing, listening, and speaking) will be tallied and that’s how the exam is calculated.

    After you understand how the IELTS reading score is calculated, you should learn about IELTS reading tips to help you understand ways that you can finish this part on time.

    4. IELTS Reading Tips – How To Score A 7 Band

    Completing IELTS reading practice tests online won’t really fully prepare you for the exam, below are some IELTS reading tips on other ways you can prepare for this section:

    1. Start Reading Articles, Journals, and Anything Of Interest

    The first IELTS reading tip is to start reading articles, journals, or short stories that you are interested in.

    The reason why I recommend other ways to prepare for this section other than repeatedly completing IELTS reading practice tests is that you will have the opportunity to increase your vocabulary.

    Also, reading articles that you find interesting will not only keep you motivated, but you will also make the effort of looking up words that you may not understand but want to learn because you have a genuine interest in that particular subject.

    2. Make an effort to understand words you are unfamiliar with

    As mentioned above, it’s important that you go the extra mile by looking up words in the dictionary when you are not familiar with them. Doing this will help you also understand how you can use that particular word in a particular context.

    3. Try to become a professional at skimming and scanning

    This IELTS reading tip is probably the most important technique you should learn for the IELTS reading section. Skimming and scanning are when you quickly look through the text to find particular keywords that stood out in the question.

    Just remember that you literally have no time to read 3 different passages word for word in 1 hour and answer 40 questions. I repeat, YOU DO NOT need to understand what the passage is about.

    Just remember, it’s an English test and you are being given a score to find the right answer, not to explain the passage.

    Here are a few steps to become better at skimming and scanning:

    • Read the questions FIRST – BEFORE the text, so you have an idea of what to scan or skim for.
    • Highlight potential keywords/phrases in the questions that you will be looking for in the passage.
    • Keeping synonym language in mind, only pay attention to that particular piece of information you are hoping to find.
    • Try to look for names, dates, or numbers you are looking for first when skimming and scanning
    • Quickly look over the text for any phrases that may stand out

    Now that you have been provided with important IELTS reading tips, try out these different IELTS reading practice test with answers.

    5. IELTS Reading Practice Tests With Answers

    ielts reading practice test with answers

    Below I have gathered the best websites you can visit to complete the IELTS reading practice test with answers.

    1. Another great website is IELTS -Up. This website has many mock tests for the different sections of the IELTS exam. They offer many different IELTS reading test with answers that help you prepare for your exam.

    2. Here is another great website called english-exam where you will be able to complete some IELTS reading test with answers:

    3. Last but not least is another great resource for IELTS reading practice test and answers. This website is called IELTS Material and has many different IELTS reading practice tests.

    6. How Can I Practice IELTS Reading At Home Without A Computer?

    Some of you may be asking yourself “How can I practice IELTS reading at home?” as a matter of fact lots of students find that searching the internet can be very overwhelming because of the amount of information you are given. I recommend that if you want to do things a bit of the old fashion way, visit your local library. You will be amazed at how many books you will find on different ways to prepare for the IELTS reading practice tests as well as many mock tests you will find.

    You will also find many other journals, articles, and texts that include topics you have an interest in. This is a great way to prepare for IELTS reading because the information is all FREE!

    7. How To Understand The IELTS Reading Section

    ielts academic reading practice test

    Earlier you read about the top IELTS reading tips that will help you achieve a high band. However, I’d like to discuss an important point on how to understand IELTS reading section. You learned about the importance of skimming and scanning, but this needs to be emphasized more.

    As mentioned earlier, you DO NOT have time to read the entire passage so DO NOT try to read it word for word. This will take most of your time and you will be left with no time to complete all the questions.

    When you are first given the IELTS reading questions, quickly look over the questions to identify keywords that you may find in the passage. This will help you save TONS of time when trying to figure out the answers.

    Some keywords to pay attention to: people’s names, country, city, address, date, words that are bolded, or in italics.

    REMEMBER that you will NOT find the exact keyword, the answer you will find will likely be a synonym.

    This post was all about the best materials to use for IELTS reading practice.

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