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    IELTS Reading Vocabulary: 3 Easy Methods To Improve Your Score

    Are you looking for a list of IELTS reading vocabulary words you may find confusing when completing the IELTS reading section? These words are important to know especially because the meanings can often be confused with similar words. Many of these IELTS reading vocabulary words helped students who I have coached in the IELTS exam score a high band.


    IELTS Reading Vocabulary

    As an IELTS coach myself, I can understand your feelings of anxiety when it comes to understanding IELTS reading vocabulary. Especially because it can get tricky during the exam. That’s why I have put together a list of the trickiest IELTS reading vocabulary words you may see during the exam.

    The IELTS reading vocabulary you see on your test can get tricky when you are writing your exam. Especially because the keywords highlighted in the questions will not be the exact same word you find in the reading passage. That means you should be familiar with synonym language when you are looking for potential words that can lead to the answer in the passage.

    This article will include tips on how to improve vocabulary for IELTS, certain IELTS vocabulary words for the reading section, where you can find 1000 vocabulary words for IELTS, and you will have the chance to download the IELTS reading vocabulary word bank in PDF version.

    This post is all about the IELTS reading vocabulary that you may see in the IELTS reading exam.

    IELTS Reading Vocabulary

    vocabulary words for ielts pdf

    What is Vocabulary?

    If you aren’t sure what vocabulary is, no sweat. Vocabulary is literally a bunch of words that are used in a paragraph or sentence. These words are used when you or another person is trying to either express themself through speaking, reading or writing.

    If you are looking to improve your vocabulary for IELTS, read below.

    There are so many great resources to refer to when you are looking for ways how to improve your vocabulary for IELTS in general. Here are a few tips:

    • Start reading for 20 minutes every night and make an effort to look up unfamiliar words.
    • Listen to podcasts and try to pay attention to sentence structure.
    • Join an IELTS course where you will be able to not only practice IELTS reading vocabulary but also vocabulary for IELTS in general.
    • Connect with an English-speaking friend and practice speaking with them.

    Being able to practice speaking English with a friend will also be a great way to learn how to pronounce vocabulary.

    Keep This In Mind When Learning How To Pronounce Vocabulary

    One thing you need to remember is that learning how to pronounce vocabulary that you are not familiar with will help you remember the new word you are trying to retain. Doing this is not only beneficial for IELTS speaking, but for IELTS reading as well. Students often limit themselves to only learning IELTS reading vocabulary through only reading passages, but that’s not the only beneficial way.

    Using different methods such as listening to podcasts, and watching your favorite tv show of English speakers will give you an opportunity to understand how to pronounce vocabulary.

    1. Why It’s Important To Know And Understand IELTS Vocabulary Words

    When looking for ways on how you can score a high band in the IELTS exam, it’s important that you practice knowing the meaning of new IELTS vocabulary words you are not familiar with. If you want to benefit from remembering the new IELTS vocabulary words you will learn today, then you should get into the habit of really understanding the definition of each word and practice using it when talking to a friend or even writing it in a sentence.

    You should remember that learning IELTS vocabulary words will not only help you in the reading section but you will also be able to use these words in the IELTS writing section and the IELTS speaking section. Therefore, the great thing is that learning IELTS reading vocabulary will go a long way and benefit you in all sections.

    Finally, you need to remember that if you don’t understand the vocabulary you read, it will be hard for you to understand what is the passage about. Because of this, learning and understanding, new IELTS vocabulary words is essential to scoring a high band in your IELTS exam.

    2. Recommended Podcasts If You Are Trying To Improve Your English Vocabulary

    Here is a list of my most suggested podcasts to students when they want to excel in their English vocabulary. These will benefit you in learning new IELTS reading vocabulary:

    • The American Life Podcast – Gives students the opportunity to hear stories through a journalist and people who reside in the USA. This is a great opportunity for you to build on your IELTS reading vocabulary. The link to the podcast can be found HERE
    • 6 Minute English BBC is a great way for you to improve in your English vocabulary. Especially because these episodes are only six minutes long but jammed-packed with vocabulary words that you can benefit from. This podcast can be found HERE.
    • Overheard At National Geographic is an insanely good podcast I recommend for the academic IELTS reading vocabulary. Especially because the words used in these podcasts can be given to you in the passages throughout the academic section. Click HERE for this podcast.

    Another great way to practice learning new words is by playing English vocabulary games.

    3. Recommended Vocabulary Games

    There are so many different vocabulary games that will help you learn different words to help you score a high band.

    • Wordle – Is a great way you can learn different IELTS reading vocabulary. You will be given the opportunity to guess the word of the day by trying to guess the letters.
    • Words With Friends – Team up with a friend and practice making the word with letters that are mixed up.
    • Vocabulary Charades – Is a great game to play with other friends where you guess the word and face another friend.

    These vocabulary games are all great ways you can practice becoming better in your IELTS reading vocabulary.

    Vocabulary Words That Can Confuse You In IELTS Reading

    There are so many different types of vocabulary words you may come across when being struck with different words.

    Below I have included some IELTS reading vocabulary students often get confused when they see:

    • Phenomenon – An event or fact that is seen by others

    Synonyms: Situation, circumstance, experience

    • Mischievous – Someone or an animal that is not on good behavior.

    Synonyms: bad behavior, disobedient, Causing trouble

    • Scarce – When you don’t have enough of a resource such as food, money or anything along these lines.

    Synonyms: short supply, limited amount, not enough

    This post was all about the IELTS reading vocabulary you can use to score a high band.

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