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    Is It Difficult To Crack IELTS Listening?

    Is it difficult to crack IELTS listening? In short, no, however, you need to know the strategies to be able to crack IELTS. These tips and tricks that you will read about today have been tried and approved by thousands of students.


    Is It Difficult To Crack IELTS?

    The IELTS listening section can be a bit nerve-wracking,  especially because you will be hearing 4 different audio recordings back to back and need to answer questions based on the recording. However, the challenging part for many is that the audio recording is only played once, therefore you must be prepared to listen for the answers.

    You are going to learn about how you can increase your IELTS listening score, the top IELTS listening tips and tricks, and what you can do to prepare for completing IELTS listening practice online.

    This post is all about if it is difficult to crack the IELTS Listening Section.

    Is It Difficult To Crack IELTS?

    IELTS listening practice online


    How To Crack IELTS And Increase Your Listening Score

    Trying to crack your IELTS score is not difficult, however you need to follow these steps. Increasing your IELTS listening score requires you to prepare ahead of time. Knowing what types of questions you may receive in the IELTS listening section will help you become familiar with the format of the questions which would definitely help you increase your IELTS listening score. You will read about the different question types later in this article.

    If you are looking to know how to prepare for IELTS, then read the article titled IELTS Preparation Guide – How to Study for the IELTS Exam. I provide information on how you can pre-plan your study sessions before registering for a date to take the IELTS test.

    Also, if you are looking for information on how to register for the IELTS examination, then check out another article titled Step by Step Guide to IELTS Registration.

    cambridge ielts listening test


    Is the IELTS listening academic section the same as the IELTS listening general exam?


    Both IELTS listening academic exam and the IELTS listening general exam are the same. This means that whether you are writing the general training exam or the academic exam, you will be given the same questions for the listening section. Therefore, be sure to continue reading to take the suggestions into consideration.

    IELTS Listening Practice Online – Know The Question Types

    When completing IELTS listening practice online tutorials, be sure to pay attention to the types of recordings you hear, because that is the format you will be seeing on the IELTS listening exam. The last thing you want is to be confused on test day because you had no idea you were going to hear 4 different recordings back to back! 

    Are IELTS Listening Questions in Order?

    Yes, the questions go in order for this section. This means that you will hear the answer to question 1 before hearing the answer to question 2.

    It is important to note that each part gradually gets more difficult. Here are the parts in detail:

    Part 1: Will include a discussion with 2 people talking about everyday life. Some examples can be hearing a conversation about reserving a hotel room.

    Part 2: You will hear 2-3 people discussing an everyday matter that can range from a radio show or a different topic.

    Part 3: A discussion with up to 4 people will be heard in an educational or training setting. You must be ready to notice the different people talking.

    Part 4: In part 4, you will hear multiple people discussing an issue within a university environment. This will likely be a university lecture.

    Increase Your IELTS Listening Band Score By Remembering The Different Types Of IELTS Recordings

    If you want to increase your IELTS listening band score, remember that part 1 of the listening section will be the easiest and the difficulty will increase within each part. Therefore, it is important to organize your time and ensure that you are ready to hear the recording because you will only hear it once.

    Another thing to keep note of is that you will be able to see the questions prior to hearing the recording. Also, the examiner will give you time to double-check your answers at the end.

    IELTS listening pdf

    Time Yourself When Completing An IELTS Listening Practice Test 

    When you are completing an IELTS listening practice test, it would be a good idea to time yourself and keep in mind that this section is approximately 30 minutes. If you are wondering how many listening questions are in IELTS, you will be required to answer a total of 40 questions with each part having 10 questions.

    Therefore, you need to get through 4 parts throughout the 30 minutes which is the duration. In case you are wondering how IELTS listening is marked, you will be given one mark for each question.

    Looking Over the Questions Before The Recordings are Played Cambridge IELTS Listening Test 

    The examiner will allow you to look over the questions before the audio recordings are played for the Cambridge IELTS listening test. Therefore, its important that you take advantage of the time you have to quickly review and highlight keywords throughout the questions.

    How The IELTS Listening Score is Calculated

    If you are wondering how IELTS listening score is calculated, this section is approximately 30 minutes, you will be required to answer a total of 40 questions with each part having 10 questions. Also, you will be given 1 mark for each question.

    5 Easy IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks

    Have a look at these 5 easy IELTS listening tips that will help you achieve a high band:

    Tip 1- Familiarize yourself with the different English accents

    Throughout this section, you may hear different English accents, such as British, American, Australian, and Canadian. Although the listening section is all in English, these accents can sound so different. This is why I recommend you listen to some audio or videos where these accents are being used.

    Tip 2- Understand the Different Question Types

    Being familiar with the different question types in the listening section is important by completing an IELTS online test will help you understand the format of the different questions.

    Tip 3- Read the Question Carefully

    I will say this again, make sure you read the question carefully. This is because the instructions give a complete detail about what order your listening exercise will go in.

    Tip 4- Listen for plural language

     Be sure to listen for plurals is KEY, this is because if you don’t pay attention to plural words, it can lead to the wrong answer.

    Tip 5- Pay attention the entire time

     Carefully listen for the right answer. You can lose focus listening to audio recordings back-to-back for 30 minutes, so I highly recommend you pay extra attention.

    Is It Difficult To Crack IELTS Listening?

    Before mentally preparing yourself and telling yourself that the IELTS listening section is difficult to crack, remember this. When you tell yourself you can do something it’s a positive mindset to succeed. This section is not difficult if you practice your English by listening to things like the radio in English or listening to how people speak English in videos. In fact, the more you expose yourself to the language, the easier it will become.

    Understanding the Question

    Additionally, it’s also important that you make sure you understand the question and what is being asked in the instructions. These directions will include if your answer should be two or three words. Make sure to follow this.

    When you are writing your IELTS listening test and writing your answers quickly, you will be given time to transfer these answers to the answer sheet. During the transferring of the information on the IELTS listening answer sheet, it is important that you pay attention to not making any spelling mistakes.

    Do This If You Want To Prepare For Different IELTS General Listening Practice Tests

    Remember that when you are looking to complete any IELTS general listening practice test, you don’t have to limit your resources. Here are some recommendations for you:

     After you read this article, I’d like you to take some steps to help you improve in your IELTS listening exam. Try to listen to the radio every morning and think about how the host is talking on the show. Try to become familiar with the use of vocabulary and how he is relaying his message.

    Next, if you have a friend who speaks English, try to call them to practice speaking English to them. Listen to how they communicate with you, ask them questions.

    Third, take a look at the requirements of the IELTS listening reading band score. This will help you understand what the examiner is looking for when he is marking your exam.

    More ways to improve your listening skills

    Fourth, practice by completing IELTS listening online. This will help you become familiar with what type of questions to expect when you are completing your IELTS listening exam.

    Fifth, complete an IELTS listening mock test. These can be done straight from the British Council website. Become familiar with the IELTS listening pattern.


    You will be given 4 different parts in the IELTS listening exam. It is important to note that part one of the listening section starts easy then gradually gets more difficult between the different parts. Also, the examiner will give you one minute to review the questions before he plays the audio recordings, so you have time to look over the information. While the recording is playing, it’s important that you stay focused and that you listen attentively to all the recordings while they are being played. Some tips I highly recommend is that being familiar with the different English accents will help you recognize how words sound throughout the IELTS listening exam. Finally, understanding the question types and reading the instructions carefully is key to scoring a high band in the IELTS exam.

    This post was all about the IELTS listening section.

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